Euqueria Zamora- Ahonen

CV for a Dedicated Spanish Teacher

How to study Spanish face to face online by Skype?
How to study Spanish face to face online by Skype?

I’ve been teaching English and Spanish for over 34 years to students of different levels and nationalities. I’ve taught at some of the top Cuban and Finnish universities, so I understand the challenges of learning a foreign language.
I’ve also written a number of coursebooks for elementary, intermediate and advanced students. Fluent in English and Finnish, teaching has always been my passion.

I love helping students learn and grow, and I’m committed to providing the best possible learning experience for each and every one of my students.
I obtained my Licentiate Degree in Education from the Instituto Superior Pedagógico “Enrique J. Varona” in Havana and also attended the 60 ects-credit Teacher Education Program for University Teachers held at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland.

1990 Lisenciate Degree in English. Instituto Superior Pedagógico "Enrique José Varona". Havana City.

1994 French Language Certificate. Alliance Francoise. Santiago de Cuba.

1994 Assistant Professor. Oriente University.

1996 Finnish language and culture. Hyvinkään-Riihimäen Ammatillinen Aikuiskoutuskeskus.

1997-1998 Business Course and Microsoft Windows. University of Tampere.Finland.

2003 Postgraduate English course. Tampere University.

2008 60ects-credit Teacher Education Program for University Teachers. Haaga -Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki city, Finland.

Academic Qualification

1981-1986 Teacher of English as a foreign language. Santiago de Cuba.

1986-1990 Teacher of English and Spanish. The Island of Youth. Cuba.

1991-1996 Professor of English language. Oriente University. Santiago de Cuba.

1997-2001 Spanish language teacher .Päivölä Institute.Finland.

1997-1998 Spanish language teacher.Hämeelinna City.Finland.

1998-1999 Spanish language teacher.Forssa City.Finland.

1998-2007 Spanish language instructor .Häme Polytechnic.Finland.

Summer 2000 Spanish language instructor. Mikkeli Polytechnic. International Center .Finland.

Spring 2002 Spanish language teacher Koulutuskeskus Tavastia. Hämeelinna.Finland.

2002-2003 Spanish language teacher Vanajaveden Opisto.Hämeelinna. Finland.

2012-2015 Spanish Language teacher. Sportmassage Institute of Finland. Málaga.

2007-2023 Online Spanish Instructor.

2003-2016 Coordinator Spanish Homestay Courses Santiago de Cuba.

Teaching Experience

1991-1996 English Translator.Different international events.

1993-1996 Head of team of teachers.Oriente University.

1994-1996 Tutor of Term Research Papers. HAMK University of Applied Sciences

2006-2007 LEA Project. National Centre for Professional Development in Education.Tampere.Finland.

I have written a number of coursebooks for elementary, intermediate and advanced students.

Self-employed translator English-Spanish / Finnish-Spanish

Research Work

1989 The formation of the plural. A comparative approach of English and Spanish.

1995 How to improve language acquisition.

2008 Postgraduate thesis: eLearning vs Traditional Learning.

Working on: Teaching Vocabulary. Translation VS Visuals.

Other Professional Appointments