Online Spanish classes by Skype for adults

I'm confident that you will learn a lot in my course and I look forward to helping you achieve your Spanish language learning goals.

General Spanish and Conversational Spanish

I'm now offering two types of Spanish courses online via Skype: General Spanish and Conversational Spanish.
The lessons are flexible and can be adapted to your individual needs and goals.

General Spanish is a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of the Spanish language, from grammar and vocabulary to pronunciation and conversation. It is designed for students of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

As the course progresses, students will move on to more advanced topics, such as irregular verbs, relative pronouns, and subjunctive mood. They will also have the opportunity to practice their pronunciation and conversation skills.

The goal of the General Spanish course is to give students a solid foundation in the Spanish language.

If you are interested in learning Spanish from the ground up, the General Spanish course is a great option for you.

Conversational Spanish Lessons are designed to help you improve your ability to speak Spanish in everyday situations. The lessons will focus on practicing conversation skills, such as pronunciation, fluency, and listening comprehension. The goal of the course is to give you the confidence to speak Spanish with native speakers.

In addition to practicing conversation skills, the lessons will also cover grammar and vocabulary. This will help you to understand and use the language more effectively.

If you are interested in improving your conversational Spanish skills, the Conversational Spanish Lessons are a great option for you.

In addition to language, learners gain insight into the culture, history, and customs of Spanish-speaking countries. This knowledge fosters respectful and culturally sensitive communication.

All private online Spanish courses for adults classes include

  • Interactive and engaging curriculum

  • The course material to be printed by the student.

  • The ability to study at your own pace and Schedule

  • Homework

  • Regular assessments and evaluations to track progress

  • Student evaluations and updates.

  • The JPG recording of the session

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, Spanish private lessons can help you reach your language goals. Contact me today to learn more!

How much are online Spanish lessons?
How much are online Spanish lessons?

How much are online Spanish lessons?

An individual training costs € 15 per hour. This rate applies from a minimum of 5 contact hours.
For every hour after the first 5 hours, you get a discount of €3, so the price is €12 per hour. This means that if you book 10 hours of training, you will only pay €120 (10 x €12).

Lessons are 50 minutes long

Want a Spanish Course that’s even more personalized for you?
Contact me today to see what I can do for you.

Class times: Schedule lessons at your convenience, between 8.00 am and 16:00 European time (CET).

There is a 20% off of tuition prices for two students studying together.

You've found the right place to study Spanish!

Online Spanish Lessons Payments
  • The lessons are paid in advance via Paypal or bank transfer. You can cancel or change the class 24 hours in advance by email.

  • A full refund will be made of the booking fee paid in advance for all lessons canceled by the tutor.

  • If you cancel the package of classes you will be charged 15,00 Euros per class.

  • Should you be unable to attend a scheduled lesson you will be able to reschedule to an alternative time. However, if you do not turn up for the lesson or formally cancel the lesson a few hours before the scheduled start, then, you will lose that lesson from your package.

  • I will wait a maximum of 5 minutes for you to come to your class. If you haven't arrived in 5 minutes, I will stop waiting and go offline on Skype. As a result, you will lose this lesson from your package.

  • Bank charges are the payer’s responsibility.

Private Online Spanish Classes with a Highly Qualified Teacher Private Online Spanish Classes with a
Private Online Spanish Classes with a Highly Qualified Teacher Private Online Spanish Classes with a